What the Blog

Hey. So this is my umpteenth attempt at maintaining a blog. For so many years, I tried to have a blog and once I’d really gotten going, I’d suddenly lose interest and motivation and drop all of it, even if I really enjoyed writing, posting and having other people read and like my writing.

So to stop myself from giving up this time around, I paid. That usually keeps me going for longer. I’m hoping that this time I don’t quit, that I don’t just let go when I feel scared and unsure of myself. I’m going to give this a good try.

This blog will be about everything and nothing at all. It’s mostly a place where I’ll come to vent, be it about stupid things (how unfashionable I am) or things that matter to me (my struggle with mental health). And if someone reads this blog, I hope they enjoy it or be able to relate to my experiences. And if not, that’s still okay. Because this time, I’m doing this for myself and I’m going to do it no matter how much I want to run the other way. I’m done running.

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