Why I Can’t Follow Trends

Let me be honest here: I am truly awful at following trends. Ask anyone in my life (LOL you don’t who I am! I hope) and they will tell you, loudly, that I am not one for trends. And it’s not for lack of trying. It’s just that I never have a clue as to what the trends even are. And once I figure it out, you’d think I’d get on the bandwagon. Nope. Then I realise I don’t have the confidence to go for it. Because it takes confidence to rock that asymmetrical crop top or whatever is fashionable right now. Because, as usual, I am waay behind. Weirdly, once I gather up whatever courage I can muster, buy the stuff and get ready to rock the trend and get back at the haters, well, what do you know? The trend is dead. Just dead. Cannot be resuscitated. Six feet under. Because, of COURSE!

Take my eyebrows for example. For so many years, when the trend was paper-thin eyebrows that look like they were drawn on with pencils, I rocked the thickest set of eyebrows known to human women. (Mostly because I was too scared to get them threaded or plucked or waxed!). Occasionally, I’d get my brows done and they would look sensational (According to me, which isn’t saying much). After all those years of living in fear of getting my eyebrows to be super thin, I finally got the courage this year to finally do it. (This is also the year I learnt to pluck my own brows so I’ve been going crazy with it, often leading to disaster) Anyhoo, I pluck my brows real thin, and guess what I found out on the Internet? Yup, that thick eyebrows are now all the rage and have been for at least a year. (Cara Delevingne’s brows are To. Die. For.). So now I have very thin brows and I am, yet again, off the trends of the season. Whyyyy??!!

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