Procrastination is a Sacred Art

I am undoubtedly the undisputed Queen of Procrastination. I’m so good at it that I’ve got it down to an art. And indeed it is an art of sorts. It takes extreme courage and an inordinate amount of determination to be a procrastinator. And it does not come easy.

A recent survey held at some posh university has discovered that what leads to the practice of procrastination is the need for perfection. So basically, what this means is that, I, Queen of Procrastination, is also Queen of Perfection. Or Wanna-be Perfection. The need to get things done perfectly may not always be satisfied, therefore, apparently we neglect our work or procrastinate as we are unwilling to get the deed done at even half the quality that we would like to actually have. So having the knowledge that something is so so much better than nothing, it is still with great difficulty that I am able to convince myself to successfully see through to the completion of my due tasks.

Most of the time though, I find myself starting work on important projects the day before they are due. Like the assignment that’s due day after tomorrow. My answer has to be at least 6 pages long and I haven’t even figured out what I’m going to write about. Although, I am not entirely to be blamed for this. I blame it on Ryan Gosling’s insane hotness. (He is, as always, the source of my distraction. It’s really unfair that one man could be so perfect. Or maybe that’s just my imagination.)

Anyhoo, this unhealthy habit of mine is the reason why I have so little respect for myself. Not working on tasks on time translates to not-so-good grades and I hate not being top of the class. Yes, I am one of those people who want all the success in the world but is not willing to work that hard for all that. Weird,

right? No. Don’t even answer that.

So you might think that knowing so much about my “situation”, that I could easily fix my little problem, right? Wrong. I have tried numerous times to change the course of my action so that I could, in effect, become a better person by dropping out from the School of Procrastination. Alas, no. It seems like I’ll never learn.

Although I know that one fine day, I may be the change that I so desperately need to see, I hope it won’t be too long before I’m motivated to turn the tables and transform into someone even awesomer than I am now. But knowing my luck it probably will be that long.

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