This Unrequited Love of Mine

Being in love with someone and not having that love returned can mess you up. What is worse is when finally you have managed to forget that unrequited love, someone talks about it very offhandedly with you, not knowing how crappy being constantly reminded of something you so badly want to forget makes you feel.

It takes only thirteen seconds to read those lines, but for me, it takes an eternity to get through with reading it. It’s probably because however much I have buried this unrequited love of mine, I have never once fully come to terms with what I’ve lost. I have come close, but never quite got there. Probably because the true magnitude of what I lost keeps coming back to haunt me whenever I come across a reminder of that lovely person and of what could have been. Words can’t explain the pain however much I try. Maybe it’s because I’m not a good writer. Maybe I want to hold onto that pain because it’s the only proof that I came close to having what almost everyone on earth really wants; a love that has no end, no barriers, just two people wrapped up in the magic that is each other, true soul mates.

I never thought I would write something this cheesy. Guess this is what happens when you lose the one thing that you’ve always wanted in your heart of hearts; someone to love you, unconditionally.

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