Hating on eBooks and Audiobooks

The reading community is vast and diverse so it is only natural that they find something to argue about. Readers argue about everything from which genre is best or the trashiest to the pros and cons of books turned into movies and a whole host of other things, including eBook or not to eBook and audiobook or not to audiobook.

Starting from the correct way to write them (ebook/ eBook/ EBook/ e-book/ E-book, etc. and audiobook/ audio book), eBooks and audiobooks come under fire a lot and for many reasons. However, readers can always be found arguing about whether eBooks and audiobooks count as actual books.

I myself love eBooks, eBook readers and audiobooks. Here’s why:

  1. If you have a mobile device, chances are, you can read eBooks on it.
  2. EBooks don’t take up a lot of space on your devices or in your bag/car/house.
  3. EBook readers are small and lightweight so you can fit them in most bags for your boring commute or pack them in your bags for a long trip.
  4. EBook readers are designed with long reading sessions in mind and are way better for your eye health than reading off of smartphone, tablet and laptop screens.
  5. EBooks and audiobooks are, on average, cheaper than physical books.
  6. You can listen to a book while you’re driving or exercising or cooking or doing anything that allows you to listen but not hold a physical book or an eBook reader.
  7. Stories come to life in a whole new way when you’re listening to audiobooks (gifted narrators, full cast for different characters, music and special sound effects).

Now, I’m a big lover of buying and owning physical books. I have a growing collection of books in my room and I add to it virtually every week. But this doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the genius of eBooks and audiobooks. Each type of book format offers something different yet special to readers and they’re all telling the same stories. People argue that the emergence of eBooks and audiobooks means that people are buying less books. I feel that this isn’t true. Maybe readers are buying less paper books (who can blame them with these current high prices? Also, save the trees!), but that doesn’t mean they’re reading less. You don’t get rid of libraries because people borrow instead of buy books. That’s because libraries are a celebration of books. It’s another excellent (and cheaper) way to enjoy books. To me, eBooks and audiobooks are like that too. They bring life to stories in a new way but they’re still telling those stories and making these tales even more accessible.

Everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion so no judgement from me. Here is my opinion: The important thing is that stories are being told and stories are being read. To argue over which one is the absolute bestest seems like a waste of time that could be better spent reading (in whatever format you enjoy!).

Happy reading!

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