Fearing Me

I have nothing to fear except myself.

I have always thought this to be a rather grand pronouncement and I dare say that I enjoyed thinking it. Until I realised I had no clue what it really meant.

What does this sentence actually mean? Does it mean that I am a dangerous being? That I am someone’s idea of a nightmare?

Precisely because I could not understand what this sentence meant, I let it be for a while. And by ‘a while’, I mean several years. And now, I think I know what it means.

It means that I am my own hindrance to my success. I am a barrier to my life’s journey of finding peace and happiness. I am an obstacle to my own existence.

I thought this was a very profound epiphany. Until I realised that everyone’s probably figured this out sooner than I have. I can hear people laughing at me inside my head.

Or has everyone figured this out? A cursory look at most people’s lives would prove otherwise. But then again, one’s inner life may be contrary to what appears to be the truth.

Anyway, for me, the realisation that I reached made my life richer and made me see things clearer than I thought I ever could. It may or may not be the same for others, but to me, it made a difference.

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